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Marbled Pattern Samples
Spanish with Shell Veins
Moire Spanish
Gold Veins over Moire Spanish
Drag Spanish
Spanish on Shell



The Spanish pattern dates its introduction to 18th century Spain. The chief characteristic of this pattern is that it involved some shifting of the paper or the size as the paper is laid down (usually over a Turkish Spot pattern) resulting in undulating waves across the paper. It has remained a very popular pattern throughout the history of marbling. There are a number of variations of this pattern depending upon the base marbled pattern that is used, or how the paper is treated. If the paper is folded and creased before laying it down on the size, a more irregular pattern of waves forms, known as Moire. Another pattern, known as Drag Spanish, involves pulling the paper along the length of the size as it is laid down, compressing and elongating the spots of paint.


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